We Specialize in Petroleum Storage Tanks

ust-removalMost residential underground petroleum storage tanks were installed from the 1940s to the 1970s. Because these tanks are constructed of steel, many have corroded and developed leaks. Leaking underground petroleum storage tanks pose an environmental risk to ground water, drinking water wells, and subsurface structures. Ansell & Associates, LLC offers heating oil tank inspections, tank location services, code compliance, closures for both aboveground and underground tanks, installation of new tanks, environmental cleanup in the event of an oil spill, assistance with the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (VPSTF), and testing of well water. We are experienced in handling petroleum storage tanks that need to be addressed in regards to Real Estate transactions.

ust-leakIf You Suspect a Leaking Tank

At Ansell & Associates, LLC, our goal is to help protect your environment by providing education, excellent service, and quality workmanship throughout the tank compliance process. All residential heating oil tanks are subject to Uniform State Building Code (§108.2) / Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (§103.1) (www.dhcd.virginia.gov) and leaking tanks are subject to State Water Control Law, Article 11 (www.deq.virginia.gov ).

Financial Assistance

The Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund Reimbursement Guidance Manual states the following:

“The Commonwealth of Virginia established the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (Fund) with the passage of Articles 9, 10, and 11 of the State Water Control Law (Sections 62.1-44.34:8 to 23). In accordance with state law and regulations, the Fund may be used for the following purposes: To provide reimbursement to eligible tank owners/operators for a portion of the potentially high costs of mitigating the public health and environmental risks from a petroleum storage tank release;… The Fund is a non-lapsing, revolving fund which is administered by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)… It is important to understand that the Fund is a reimbursement program and NOT a repayment program. The Fund does not reimburse owners/operators for all costs associated with a clean-up.”

The VPSTF generally limits the DEQ required cleanup costs to $500, but additional costs to complete code compliance may apply. Our services include navigating the financial reimbursement process on your behalf.

inspect-lsBenefit From Our Experience

At Ansell & Associates, LLC, our personnel has over thirteen years of combined experience in all phases of the petroleum storage tank closure and compliance process. This is combined with over twenty years of residential construction knowledge. We are licensed and insured, and proudly serve the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.